campus_esplanade-3d 3D visualization involves the creation of three-dimensional images or the conversion of real-world spaces or objects to a three-dimensional digital form. 3D images created, for example, from anatomical structures can rotated, magnified, highlighted, hidden or revealed, and disassembled or reassembled by students to create new learning opportunities. They can also be used as the basis for animations, clinical simulations, games or educational applications with built-in testing features. printed-scapula-variationsWhen necessary, the digital images can be outputted to a special printer to recreate physical replicas of the original object. This can be useful in teaching situations where a single model is insufficient or too delicate for hands-on manipulation. The replica can be colorized or scaled in size, then mass produced to produce an effective learning tool for an entire class. 3D spaces and objects are often integrated into  gamified learning programs, educational experiences that incorporate game-based mechanics designed to engage students, promote learning, and facilitate problem-solving. These programs are often developed in Unity3D, which provides motivational features such as leaderboards and badges, as well as student performance assessment and tracking. For a list of related projects, visit our page 3D Simulations and Gamified Learning Applications.

VIVE Demo the Centerpiece of LA County Fair Exhibit

The 2016 Los Angeles County Fair at the Pomona Fairgrounds featured a new exhibit designed to showcase products developed by ITDL’s 3D Modeling and Gamified Learning Team. Included as part of this year’s “Our Bodies” Exhibit, the team used the opportun …

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Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

3D Scans Capture Soft Tissue Pathology for COMP Instructors

Sometimes a casual conversation can lead you to challenges and, hopefully, solutions that have a major impact on the work you do. Take the conversation that took place between COMP Professor of Anatomy, Craig Kuehn, PhD, and Gary Wisser, 3D Visualizati …

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Features & Products

EdMedia Multimedia Repository Provides a One-Stop Shop for Digital Teaching Resources

Next time you’re looking for photo, illustration or digital 3D model to support your lecture or laboratory activity, consider stopping by WesternU’s new EdMedia Multimedia Repository at   Launched in October 2016, the Repos …

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Ideas & Innovations

Virtual Campus Orients New Students to WesternU

For most students, Welcome Week can be an overwhelming experience, characterized by tight schedules and information overload. This summer, a virtual recreation of WesternU’s esplanade gave new students the opportunity to learn about the campus as well …

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