mobile4.jpg4Technological change impacts every aspect of the academic enterprise at WesternU. New opportunities for access and collaboration have been created by an increasingly diversified landscape of electronic communication devices and software. Alternative learning spaces and methods of instructional engagement have changed the roles of both students and faculty. In an effort to better understand and adapt to these changes, WesternU is actively involved in several initiatives that explore new and alternative applications of academic technology.    

New Pharmacy Classrooms Emphasize a Student-Centered Approach

When the College of Pharmacy welcomed its charter class in the fall of 1996, it was in the process of constructing its state-of-the-art pods, which included student breakout rooms connected to a central classroom. Furthermore, the classrooms themselves …

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Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

Getting Started with the AMX Podium Control Panel

Today’s WesternU classroom integrates a variety of audiovisual technologies, including cameras, microphones, projectors, screens, and smartboards. In addition, most classrooms incorporate systems for lecture capture, audience polling and videoconferenc …

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Features & Products

Getting Started with TurningPoint

Since 2010, TurningPoint has been the standard for classroom based audience response systems for many colleges at WesternU. The technology is based on the use of handheld devices or “clickers” which capture student responses to survey questions or test …

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Ideas & Innovations

Using Clicker Games to Increase Student Engagement

One of the biggest challenges for most instructors is engaging their students. It’s difficult enough to present complex ideas in a way in which students understand them, let alone ensure they are interacting with and internalizing those ideas.Because h …

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