computer-userThe growth of online learning at WesternU reflects changes in the educational landscape as a whole. Ever since the introduction of the College of Graduate Nursing’s distance program for MSN/FNP in 1997, online instruction has become increasingly important in expanding access and reducing the costs associated with graduate education. While Blackboard has been a major factor in this evolutionary process, other systems are beginning to play a significant role in the management of specific types of online learning. As our primary online Learning Management System, Blackboard continues to play an important role distributing course materials, facilitating communication among students and faculty, and monitoring and assessing academic progress. More recent online systems such as WordPress and SharePoint are also being used to manage the electronic distribution of course materials, facilitate the teaching-learning process outside of the classroom, and/or assist with the assessment of student outcomes.

WesternU Adds Blackboard Content System

With the acquisition of the Content System earlier this summer, WesternU instructors using Blackboard now have access to a file sharing application that extends way beyond file management tool built into individual courses. With the Blackboard Content …

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Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

Using Blackboard’s Content Collection Feature

Up until recently, Blackboard instructors teaching more than one course had to contend with uploading the same file to each course. Files associated with one course were stored with the course shell and couldn’t be used elsewhere, leading to duplicatio …

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Features & Products

Create, Manage and Share ePortfolios in Blackboard

One of the most useful features that became available in the recent acquisition of the Blackboard Content System is the ePortfolio. An invaluable tool in academic and professional development, ePortfolios provide an efficient medium for students to col …

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Ideas & Innovations

Using Blackboard Wikis to Promote Student Collaboration

Students learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process. Collaborative learning – also known as cooperative learning, peer learning, reciprocal learning, study circles, learning communities, and work groups – promotes active learnin …

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