Echo360 Personal Capture is a cross-platform screencasting application that allows you to record and edit  lectures from your desktop computer, laptop or mobile device, then publish and post it later when you connect to Echo’s hosted service.

To learn how to get an Echo360 Personal Capture account, see Lecture Capture at WesternU.

Once the Echo360 Personal Capture software is installed on your computer or laptop, follow the steps below to record and publish your desktop lecture. Refer to the application’s own Help menu for additional information on the procedures outlined below.

Echo Personal Capture start screen

Step 1: Launch the “Echo360 Personal Capture” client from your desktop icon or Start menu.

Step 2: Click the Start Recording button.






Echo Personal Capture - configure devices

Step 3: Make sure your recording devices are configured and working by clicking the Configure button.

Step 4: Connect any devices needed for recording video (webcam) and audio (microphone). Then use the pull down menus to select the correct devices for your audio, screen and video (webcam) setup.

Note: If you need any assistance setting up or configuring your webcam and microphone, contact

Click OK when finished.


Note: Before starting your recording, make sure your desktop is clear of any extraneous icons, folders, etc. If you are recording a PowerPoint lecture, make sure the application is launched and you are in Presentation mode.  We also recommend that you do a test recording and check for quality before proceeding.


Echo Personal Capture - start recording

Step 5: When you are ready, click the Start Recording button.

Once you click the Start Recording button, a 5-second countdown begins to give you time to launch your presentation software and start.

If you want to stop the recording at any time, press Alt + F2 or choose “Stop Recording” from the menu in the system tray. 





Echo Personal Capture - edit & pubiish

Step 6: When you stop the recording, the “Edit Recording” window is displayed. From here you can:


  • click the Play Recording button (A) to review your recording.
  • move the start and end markers (B)  to change the beginning and ending point of your recording.
  • use the trim tool (C) to do minor edits to your recording.



Echo Personal Capture - trim endsChanging the Start and/or Stop Time of your Presentation

  • Slide the start marker to the beginning of the presentation
  • Slide the end marker to the end of the presentation. 


Echo Personal Capture - cut sectionRemoving Unwanted Content from your Recording

  • Drag the markers to the start and end of the section you want to remove.
  • Click the scissor icon to perform the trim. 


Note: There is no undo for this function. Make sure you play your recording before you hit the apply edits button. Click the clear cuts to return to the original recording


Step 7: Once you have finished reviewing/editing your recording click the Publish Recording button to publish it 


Echno Personal Capture - log in

Step 8: To publish your recording you must log in to the Echo360 server using your WesternU username andpassword.         





Echo Personal Capture - select coursesStep 9: Select the unit or section you wish to upload your recording to and click the Next button.


Note: The sections you can choose from correspond to the courses you selected when you set up your account. To set up these associations, and arrange for automatic posting of your recordings to the appropriate Bb courses, contact Technical Support before your first recording session.




Echo Personal Capture - new recording

Step 10: Select whether you wish to create a new lecture or replace an existing recording.


Step 11: Set the start date and time for the new lecture. This will determine the order in which this lecture is displayed to students enrolled in the course.





Echo Personal Capture - my recordingsStep 12: Fill in the relevant information about the presentation/recording and click the Publish button.




You will receive a confirmation email that your recording has been published, and under My Recordings, you latest presentation is now marked as “Published”.       

Under normal network traffice conditions, it takes about as much time to process a personal capture as it does to record it.  Expect at least a 30 minute delay between the time you publish a half-hour recording and the time you recieve the email confirmation that the recording has been processed and posted.


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