While WesternU’s classrooms are equipped with some of the most advanced audiovisual systems available, learning needs sometimes demand a level of  interactivity that cannot be easily facilitated with the best podiums and AV projection systems.  When such needs arise, programs have turned to technologies such as smartboards, interactive panels and tablets to provide the necessary interactivity. A breakdown of these technologies and who is currently using them at WesternU is presented below. ebeam-systemSome classrooms are equipped with a large mounted whiteboard that connects to a computer and projector. The projector displays the computer’s desktop onto the board’s surface where users control the computer using a pen, finger or other device. These systems also include software that captures notes written on the whiteboard surface.  The diagram of the eBeam© system on the right shows a typical interactive whiteboard (IWB) setup: wacom-system         In addition to these installations, some rooms are equipped with smaller interactive pen displays or panels that can project and capture handwritten notes written on the screen.  The following is an example of Wacom’s Intuos4 System     The following is a list of such technologies and their location.
University Research Center (URC)
Swift Hall Hitachi Starboard
Health Sciences Center (HSC)
OMM Lab E-Beam Classic
Health Professions Center (HPC)
Pharmacy Sim Lab Polyvision Walk-and-Talk Interactive Panel
Classrooms 1, 2, 3 Amp I and II Wacom Pen Displays
Banfield Veterinary Clinical Center (BVCC)
Johnston Classroom Classroom 244 East and West Polyvision Walk-and-Talk Interactive Panel
Health Education Center (HEC)
Lecture Halls 1 and 2 Classrooms A, B, E, F Polyvision Walk-and-Talk Interactive Panel
The following are brief descriptions of each of these systems and links for additional information. Use Resource Scheduler to reserve equipped classrooms or contact Technical Support at techsupport@westernu.edu or (909) 469-5432 to reserve portable equipment and/or arrange training.

E-Beam Classic

Combines a fully featured interactive whiteboard and digital copyboard. The interactive stylus allows full control of your computer on a projected area of up to 100″. Use any one of the four color-coded marker sleeves to capture and record all of your dry erase marker notes on your computer. The entire system is portable enough to carry in a laptop case. For more information, see: http://www.e-beam.com/products/ebeam-classic-complete.html

Wacom Interactive Pen Display

Offers a range of features that can be used by professionals for medical imaging, electronic medical records, collaborative video conferencing, digital documentation and other applications. Wacom’s interactive pen displays provide a direct way to work with data in the most natural way possible. Pen input is helpful and intuitive for creating visual data, charting new information, completing electronic forms, writing notes, drawing diagrams, and capturing signatures. For more information, see http://www.wacom.com/pendisplays/

Polyvision Walk-and-Talk Interactive Panel

Enables faculty to project a lesson, navigate a website, advance slides, write notes and save the screen for posting… all from a traditional lectern or podium. Instructors can:
  • Mark up the interactive panel LCD screen, and project their annotations onto the presentation screen.
  • Engage students, using the panel screen to solve problems, answer questions, diagram concepts and lead discussions.
  • Capture and save everything written or drawn on the panel, for easy printing, emailing or uploading.
  • Move freely about the room while driving presentations with the remote control.
For more information, see http://www.polyvision.com/tabid/155/objectid/96/default.aspx

Hitachi Starboard

Designed for use in smaller classes and boardrooms, the Hitachi Starboard allows up to two inputs for multi-touch control on a durable, electronic-free surface. Use either an electronic pen, stylus or finger to operate.  For more information, see: http://www.interactive-boards.com/index/products_list/Type/Interactive_Whiteboards/Manufacturer/Hitachi/category/Whiteboards   For more information on Smartboards and other interactive display technologies, we recommend the following: