Bartlett Theater Modifications Include Haivision and Enhanced Recording Capabilities

One of the oldest classrooms on campus is about to get a high tech makeover, courtesy of the Office of Faculty Development. bartlett-frontBartlett Theater, located on the first floor of the Health Professions Center (HPC) is smaller than most classrooms with seating for 64. The room is equipped with an LCD projector and screen, DVD player, wireless microphone and document camera.  The layout of the room is more conventional, without the 360 degree viewing characteristic of the Pharmacy PODs or the stadium seating typical of HEC classrooms and HPC amphitheaters. bartlett-rearIronically, it is this conventional layout that makes Bartlett ideally suited for recording standard lecture presentations and interactive sessions with Lebanon. Tim Wood, Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Education and current Director of CAPE: “ The seating arrangement in Bartlett enables us to position cameras at eye level so that eye contact with both the local and remote audience can be maintained. Not only does this help keep students engaged during the live sessions, it enables us to move toward the kind of production quality needed to offer courses to the public.”  Phase 1 of the modifications include the installation of Haivision equipment and an HD quality Echo360 lecture capture unit, which will also raise the quality of local presentations and interactive sessions recorded there. The new and improved Bartlett theater will also provide an alternative venue for faculty producing pre-requisite content for the flipped classroom. While the facility in the HEC Clinical Skills area provides a simulated podium for prerecording lectures, Bartlett can accommodate a real audience, enabling instructors to deliver their lecture more naturally. “A number of faculty who make lecture recordings at the desktop have told me that they feel  detached and distracted when they’re not connecting with real students. Bartlett will now provide a venue where higher quality recordings can be captured while experiencing the dynamic of a live audience.” The first phase of the Bartlett modifications are scheduled to begin this summer, with completion projected for late Fall, 2013. Future plans include additional soundproofing and large flat screen monitors for remote audience viewing. tjwood_thumb To learn more about the potential applications of the new facility for WesternU faculty, contact Tim Wood, DHSc, PA-C, Director of CAPE, at