Echo360’s EchoCenter is your one-stop dashboard for accessing recorded lectures related to your course. Like the student interface, the instructor view of the EchoCenter:

  • Lists each Echo for the class, with details about the recording
  • Shows any course notes (bookmarks) you’ve added to recordings you’ve already viewed.
  • Shows recent chat and discussion activity for the class.
  • Allows you to access  live webcasts. Not all classes include live webcasts.
  • Lists “other” recordings that may be in process or are unavailable.

 In addition to these general features, the instructor view of the EchoCenter can also:

  • Display viewing statistics for each recording
  • Display graphic summaries of the cumulative viewing statistics for all recordings in the course.

The following screen image shows how these features are laid out on the EchoCenter main screen:


You can use the numbered areas above with the information below to learn about each area of the Echocenter interface.

1  Course Statistics

The Course Statistics area shows you views by Echo and by week.

Select the View Trends By Echo option in the drop-down list to see how many times an Echo was viewed and the number of unique viewers. Select the View Trends By Week option in the drop-down list to see how many Echoes were viewed by week and  the number of unique viewers.


echocenter-hoverWhen you hover over a bar in the chart, you’ll see a pop-up with details about the number of views.




Course Echoes

Here you will find a list of all Echoes in the course currently available for viewing, with recordingh date and time. Yuo can view the Echo by clicking the Play button on the far right.



echocenter-other-videosThe default setting lists “Available” recordings. If you select “Other” you’ll see a list of recordings that were either not captured or processed, or still awaiting final processing.




Statistics, Information, Discussion, & Bookmark Icons

The icons shown here change the information displayed in the lower right area of the screen.



  • See the number of unique viewers and cumulative views for a specific lecture recording
  • View the level of engagement with a specific lecture recording based on online discussion activity
  • Use the Heat Map to determine which parts of the lecture students found most interesting



  • See the type of Echo (usually “Lecture”) See the duration of the Echo
  • Download Podcast or Vodcast versions
  • Read a description of the Echo if your Instructor included one



  • See discussions that have occurred for the specific Echo.
  • Join discussions. Click on the discussions link.



  • See the bookmarks you have added to the Echo recording.
  • Open the Echo at the bookmarked scene. Click on the course note (bookmark).

 Echo Statistics

echocenter-recording-statsThe default view here shows for each selected recording the unique and cumulative views, average percentage completion, discussion activity, and level of interest at different points in the recording.







Recent Activity

echocenter-recent-activityThis area displays the latest discussion board postings and participation options related to the selected recording. The same information is displayed in the lower right area when the Discussion icon is selected.







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