As more and more instructors prerecord their lectures for the flipped classroom, one thing that has been sorely needed is a quiet, private location for recording. Faculty offices near elevators or restrooms are particularly hec-mediaroom-signdisadvantaged, and there is always the unexpected phone call or knock on the door to deal with.

Fortunately, an alternative is now available, courtesy of COMP and our ITDL Department. The Media Room was set up specifically to provide an interruption-free area for the production of vodcasts or screencasts. Originally developed to meet the high demand for prerecorded content among HEC faculty, COMP has generously offered the use the Media Room to any faculty campuswide with similar needs.

hec-mediaroom-podiumLocation and Layout

Located on the second floor of the Health Education Center (HEC), the Media Room is accessed through COMP’s Preclinical Offices in Room 2132. Reservations are required. The room is always locked when not in use, so you must check in with the Preclinical office personnel so they can open the room prior to your recording session.

The Media Room provides a mock podium to simulate the teaching environment. Additional lighting on the podium is available, and recommended when wearing darker clothing.  Opposite the podium and backdrop is a desk unit that includes the following equipment:

  • Computer workstation with mouse and keyboard
  • hec-mediaroom-deskTwo monitors – one to display PowerPoint slides, the other to show the presenter (confidence monitor)
  • Camera
  • Remote control for camera
  • Wireless mouse for computer
  • Wireless lavaliere microphone
  • Large face digital clock that can be seen from the podium
  • Signs that read “Recording in Process” to post on the door during the session
  • Laminated tutorials on the use of the Personal Capture software
  • No telephone!

The computer workstation is equipped with Echo360 Personal Capture for vodcasting and Lync for one-to-one videoconferencing.  Screen icons on the desktop provides easy access to the software. 



Before the Session

  1. Download the Echo360 Personal Capture software to your own computer workstation and do a test recording. This will familiarize you with the recording software so that you can focus on your presentation rather than the technical aspects of the recording process.
  2. Prepare your PowerPoint presentation and store it on a flash drive. You’ll need to bring this to the recording session.

During the Session

  1. Check in with the Preclinical Office to open the room.
  2. Place the “Recording in Progress” sign on the door and close it.
  3. Power up the computer (if needed) and turn on the monitors.
  4. Log in as “wuguest/wuguest”  (Settings have been optimized for this guest account).
  5. Connect your flash drive to the computer and open your PowerPoint presentation. Minimize the window.
  6. Click on the Echo Personal Capture icon to launch the program.
  7. Locate the wireless lavaliere microphone, position it, and turn it on. 
  8. Click the Start Recording button on the first screen and test the audio level; adjust microphone volume as needed.
  9. hec-mediaroom-remoteTurn on the auxilliary lights.
  10. Bring the camera remote, wireless mouse, and any notes you need to the podium.
  11. Adjust the camera position and zoom until you’re correctly framed as shown on the monitor.
  12. When you’re ready to begin, click the Start Recording button. You’ll have 5 seconds to return to position at the podium.
  13. Maximize your PowerPoint window and enter Show mode
  14. Begin the lecture, using the wireless mouse to advance the slides as needed
  15. Click Stop Recording when finished

After the Session

  1. Check the quality of the recording. Repeat the lecture if needed
  2. Using the editing tools, crop the beginning or end of the recording, and remove any other portions as needed
  3. Submit the recording for processing
  4. Close the PowerPoint and remove your flash drive
  5. Turn off the lights, the computer monitors, and shut down the computer
  6. Remove the sign from the door and take any personal belongings before locking up.`

For instructions on using the Echo Personal Capture software, positioning the lavaliere microphone, or best practices for lecture recordings, see the related posts listed below.

If you have an Echo360 account, and want to reserve the Media Room, email the requested date and time to the COMP Preclinical office at

If you don’t have an Echo360 account, contact to request one before reserving the room.


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