ExamSoft’s release of it’s highly anticipated Rubrics feature is slated for April 11, 2014. The Rubrics feature provides ExamSoft users with the ability to create objective frameworks to evaluate subjective assignments and assessments. Uniting the two types of measures enable faculty to obtain a comprehensive picture of each student’s strengths and weakness, all in real-time, all from a single integrated system. The new features provides the means to:
  • Create templates that promote consistency within the college or department
  • Link the rubric to established learning objective categories
  • minimize bias during the grading process through detailed scoring criteria and anonymous grading options
  • create a comprehensive measure of student performance so faculty can assess student strengths and weaknesses
  • collect and aggregate data from both objective and subjective assessments
  ExamSoft’s Creating a Rubric page offers a concise visual overview of the new Rubrics feature. Other advances scheduled this year include:
  • improvements to the Question Importer that will allow for a smoother integration of questions coming from different Learning Management Systems and Publishers.
  • the ability to enable Notes and Challenges for SofTest exams as well as manage feature access on a per-user basis.
  • improvements to Longitudinal Analysis reports, including the ability to track essay questions performance
  • the availability of an Immediate Result Release and Delayed Secure Exam Review feature.
  • compatibility with Surface Pro
  • a Scratch Pad for SofTest-M users
  • additional Rubrics features like Multiple Graders and integration with SofTest.
  • a new product, Student Performance Package, that will improve student access to their historical data.
Be sure to check ExamSoft’s Education and Product Release Calendar for free webinars on Rubrics and other ExamSoft features.