turningpoint-logoSince 2010, TurningPoint has been the standard for classroom based audience response systems for many colleges at WesternU. The technology is based on the use of handheld devices or “clickers” which capture student responses to survey questions or test items posed during the classroom session. Each student buys the clicker from the University Bookstore for a one-time fee and uses it throughout the duration of their program. turningpoint-hardware Students must self-register their responder ID numbers either through their Blackboard courses or manually. They must also tune their clickers to the specific frequency assigned to each classroom.  A complete list of frequencies can be found on our Classroom Responder Frequencies page. Classroom computers are currently equipped with TurningPoint v5.To begin using TurningPoint in your classroom, follow these steps:
    1. Install the software. Technical Support can push it to your desktop computer or workstation, but laptops need to be installed manually. Contact techsupport@westernu.edu to arrange installation. To download the software to your personal computer or laptop, go to the Turning Technologies Software Download page and download the latest software most appropriate for your computer.
    2. Launch the application. You can launch TurningPoint manually or set it to launch automatically whenever you open a PowerPoint presentation. The procedure for enabling automatic launch, along with other important procedures for Instructors, is available ???.
To download other products offered by Turning Technologies, go to their Software Download page. To begin learning how to use TurningPoint in your courses, choose the specific product on the Turning Technologies Support and Training Services page.

Additional Resources

An extensive Classroom Response System (“Clickers”) Bibliography is available through Vanderbilt University’s Center for Teaching.  Other recommended articles and websites on the subject of audience response systems include: Related Articles: