Getting Started with Echo360 Classroom Lecture Capture

The following provide essential information on the Echo360 lecture capture system for all faculty: Limited help is provided through the Echo player itself  (see Help on the player Application menu).   For assistance with specific issues, please contact Technical Support at

Getting Started with Desktop Lecture Capture Tools

To learn more about our desktop recording tools and determine which tool is right for you, see our post Capture Lectures from your Desktop, Laptop, or Mobile Device. Once you have selected a tool and made arrangements to obtain the appropriate software and user account, the following tutorials will be useful.

Echo360 Personal Capture

 Camtasia Web Relay


Polices and procedures related to the use of lecture capture tools can be found through our HR Policies & Procedures website

Lecture Capture Best Practices

The following offer suggestions for successful classroom and desktop lecture recordings.

Additional Resources

Echo360’s and Learning Center sites provide excellent resources to learn more about lecture capture and the EchoSystem. Techsmith, the producers of Camtasia Web Relay, offer a series of educational tutorials on the use of desktop screencasting.  They also describe how Camtasia helps Teachers Use Technology to Flip Their Classrooms. Recommended articles on the subject of lecture capture include: The following resources are also recommended: Lecture Capture Flipped Classroom