In an effort to support faculty efforts to create more engaging, interactive courseware for the flipped classroom or other online learning applications, CAPE announced it would make a limited number of Articulate Studio ’13 and Storyline2 licenses available to WesternU’s nine colleges. Tim Wood, Director of the Center for Academic and Professional Excellence, announced that it would be acquiring 30 licenses for the applications, making at least two licenses available for each college. The remaining licenses will be reserved for special projects, training applications, and shared production facilities such as the Media Center in HEC.  “Both of these software packages will help faculty create interactive presentations that can further engage students from what is already offered in the classroom. These modules can be hosted online so students can access them at any time.” articulate-studio-packagingTheir first major offering, Articulate Studio ‘13, gained attention for offering a development platform that integrated with the standard Microsoft PowerPoint interface, much like TurningPoint. By adding new functionality to the familiar PPT interface, Studio 13’ offers a way to bring unfamiliar faculty into a new world of interactive online instruction. Twenty easy-to-use templates help simplify the process of transforming traditionally passive slide presentations into more engaging learning experiences. Additionally, pre and post module assessments such as quizzes can be easily created using pre-designed formats. articulate-studio-interfaceTim Wood: “One additional advantage Articulate Studio ’13 offers is the ability to create high quality, mediated learning activities that can be easily updated to accommodate content changes. Individual slide content – with or without prerecorded narration–can be modified without changing the surrounding slides or engagement activities.” articulate-storyline-packagingFor the more advanced user, Storyline 2 is the latest product from Articulate that offers an even more comprehensive and seamlessly integrated tool for interactive lesson development. PowerPoint slides can be imported to provide the baseline content, but the familiar PowerPoint interface has been replaced by the newer and intuitive Storyline interface. Storyline 2 comes with an inventory of professionally designed but customizable templates to shorten the learning curve and development time.  The software also comes with 47,500 combinations of photographic and illustrated characters, positions, and poses to add a more human element to the online learning process. Videos and simulations can also be added to create a more immersive experience. Faculty familiar with the layered approach used by Photoshop will quickly relate to the Storyline 2 interface, which also provides a robust set of assessment tools. In addition to 25 different question types, faculty can also use drag-and-drop activities to track student decisions and assess their application of concepts. articulate-storyline-features Tim Wood sees great potential for faculty willing to experiment with these tools: “Storyline 2 is capable of creating incredibly engaging learning modules. The built in tools make it easy to create branching scenarios and elements of gamification that we know are effective in engaging learners.” To learn more about Articulate Storyline and Studio ’13, you can visit their website at Storyline helped Janelle Francis, R.N., Nebraska Community Blood Bank’s education director, to build interactive rather than passive healthcare training by building instruction around real-life scenarios. samlpe-articulate-lesson To learn more about this project and others, visit the Articulate Blog at .  Other demonstrations of Storyline’s capabilities can be found on their showcase page at Samples of Articulate lessons developed by our own WesternU faculty can be found on Blackboard in the CAPE Center (see Articulate Examples). Sheri Kling’s ATOSCE Pre-Course for Interprofessional Teamwork Geriatric Healthcare is an excellent example of a fully interactive Articulate presentation. In addition to Articulate’s own comprehensive library of tutorials and demonstration videos, online training in the use of Articulate Storyline can be found online through WesternU’s account. Visit the portal at for details. Interested faculty can also attend Tim’s monthly developer’s group to learn best practices for using Articulate Studio ’13. tjwood-thumb   If you are interested in learning more about Articulate products, acquiring a site license, or attending the Articulate Developer’s Group, contact CAPE Director Tim Wood, MSPA, at (909) 469-8644 or