Today’s WesternU classroom integrates a variety of audiovisual technologies, including cameras, microphones, projectors, screens, and smartboards. In addition, most classrooms incorporate systems for lecture capture, audience polling and videoconferencing with remote sites. Managing all these technologies while teaching and interacting with students can be challenging for instructors, which is why our classrooms include centralized podium controls. With our podium-based AMX control panels, instructors can switch between PowerPoint presentations, DVD video, document cameras and other content sources. While automated systems for lecture capture and videoconferencing operate in the background, the instructor can make adjustments to specific settings as needed. Even environmental factors such as lighting, microphone volume and camera position can be controlled from these touch sensitive panels. The links below provide instructions for using the AMX Podium Touch Panels in the various classrooms on campus. The instructions are formatted in a one-or two-column format and available as PDF files. In addition to these “job aids” Classroom and Multimedia Services also offers a series of video tutorials which walk through the use of selected podium control panels.