One of the most useful features that became available in the recent acquisition of the Blackboard Content System is the ePortfolio. An invaluable tool in academic and professional development, ePortfolios provide an efficient medium for students to collect and organize the work they have completed over time. They also offer a powerful method for demonstrating formative and/or summative progress and achievement. ePortfolios can be submitted by students as a Blackboard assignment. While the portfolio is viewable in the assignment grading interface, direct annotation of the portfolio pages isn’t possible. Instead, grading feedback, rubric results, and rubric feedback are provided in the grading sidebar, separate from portfolio comments. Students access the ePortfolio feature through the Blackboard toolbar at the top of the screen, then clicking Tools and Portfolios. bb-portfolio-accessDeveloping the portfolio requires 4 steps:
  1. Create a portfolio.
  2. Add pages and artifacts.
  3. Design the appearance.
  4. Choose settings.
Using the template provided through your assignment or a more open-ended approach, students set a goal for the portfolio and decide what kind of story they want to tell. After outlining the main points to include, they determine the artifacts that best represent the work, knowledge, and skills they want to include. Artifacts can include graded content from a course or personal files. To create course artifacts, the student converts graded submissions to Blackboard assignments. These course artifacts are then permanently stored in the student’s My Artifacts repository, where they can be accessed anytime, even after the course or assignments themselves have been made unavailable. Once the artifacts are ready, the student creates a portfolio shell and adds the necessary pages (A). The artifacts are then added to the appropriate pages (B). bb-portfolio-creation Once all the pages and artifacts have been created, the student uses the Settings option to finalize the title and description, and the Preview and Customize option to modify the appearance of the portfolio. Finally, the student decides who to share the portfolio with, and creates a snapshot of the portfolio that is listed in the student’s Shared with Me folder or converted to a URL that can be emailed to an external user. bb-portfolio-customize             For more information on the Blackboard’s Content System, please contact: kolarz-thumb   Frances Kolarz, Educational Technology Administrator, at   Related Articles: