classroom-panel Classroom technologies include the audiovisual systems integrated into the classroom environment, as well as the audience response, lecture capture, and videoconferencing systems that can be found in most classrooms. Since the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (COMP) opened its doors to the charter class in 1978, slide carousels and overhead projectors have been replaced with digital content and computer-based projection systems, all centrally controlled at the lecture podium. The AMX control panels built into classroom podia allow the instructor to switch between computer-generated PowerPoint presentations, DVD video, document cameras and other content sources. Classroom lighting, wireless microphone volume and even camera position can be controlled from these touch sensitive panels. brain-dissection-classSome classrooms are equipped with interactive display technologies such as smartboards and interactive pen tablets. Most are outfitted with lecture capture technology which produces approximately 100 recordings a day. Students have come to rely heavily on these recordings as a way to view missed lectures, review difficult concepts, and prepare for exams. Many faculty engage students during the lecture using audience reponse systems, which capture student responses on a “clicker” for polling or testing purposes. With the launch of the Lebanon, Oregon campus in 2011, the need for live classroom-to-classroom videoconferencing dramatically increased. As a result, videoconferencing technology has been integrated into most classrooms to extend the teaching process beyond physical walls.  
Best Practices

3D Scans Capture Soft Tissue Pathology for COMP Instructors

Sometimes a casual conversation can lead you to challenges and, hopefully, solutions that have a major impact on the work you do. Take the conversation that took place between COMP Professor of Anatomy, Craig Kuehn, PhD, and Gary Wisser, 3D Visualizati …

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Features & Products

EdMedia Multimedia Repository Provides a One-Stop Shop for Digital Teaching Resources

Next time you’re looking for photo, illustration or digital 3D model to support your lecture or laboratory activity, consider stopping by WesternU’s new EdMedia Multimedia Repository at   Launched in October 2016, the Repos …

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Ideas & Innovations

Virtual Campus Orients New Students to WesternU

For most students, Welcome Week can be an overwhelming experience, characterized by tight schedules and information overload. This summer, a virtual recreation of WesternU’s esplanade gave new students the opportunity to learn about the campus as well …

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