live-lectureIn many colleges at WesternU, students have come to rely on classroom lecture recordings to review key content they may have missed due to absence, or to ensure they understand key concepts in preparation for lectures, lab sessions, or course exams. In addition to classroom lecture capture technology, WesternU faculty have access to a variety of tools for creating media-rich  lectures at the desktop. These tools include screen recording tools such Echo360 Personal Capture and Camtasia Web Relay, which can be used to record supplemental lectures, online meetings, and student feedback in the office or from a mobile device. They also include presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint and elearning tools such as Articulate, which allows faculty to create fully interactive lecture presentations for the flipped classroom and other applications.

Echo360 Upgrade Adds Variable Speed Player

With the installation of Echo360 v5.2, a new variable speed feature was added to the Echo Player. Located next to the other player controls, the Variable Speed Player (VSP) will allow you to view the PowerPoint presentation with audio at either one-hal …

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Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

Resources for Lecture Capture

Getting Started with Echo360 Classroom Lecture Capture The following provide essential information on the Echo360 lecture capture system for all faculty: Getting Started with the Echo360 Player Browsers Compatible with Echo360 Limited help is provided …

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Features & Products

EdMedia Multimedia Repository Provides a One-Stop Shop for Digital Teaching Resources

Next time you’re looking for photo, illustration or digital 3D model to support your lecture or laboratory activity, consider stopping by WesternU’s new EdMedia Multimedia Repository at   Launched in October 2016, the Repos …

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Ideas & Innovations

Optometry Students Use Gamified Learning Orientations to Prepare for Clinical Internships

Each year students enrolled in the College of Optometry’s doctoral program must complete internships in both Optometry Pediatric Services and Vision Therapy Services at our own Eye Care Institute in the PCC. As part of their pre-clinical training this …

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