Gamification Services The 3D Visualization and Gamified Learning team develops digital assets, programs, and applications that empathize the use of 3D technology and/or gamified learning techniques. A more detailed list of services is provided below.
3D scanning 3D printing 3D visual design 3D animations Medical illustration Instructional design Interactive lesson  development Gamified learning
Our 3D Visualization Specialist uses a variety of scanning options to create digital scans of 3D objects ranging from individual teeth to larger skeletal structures. Under certain conditions, soft tissue scans are also possible. The digital images produced through the scanning process can then be integrated into online applications that allow the user to manipulate the object in multiple ways. They can also be outputted to 3D printers to create physical replicas of the original structure in full color. For a current list of products, visit our 3D Simulations & Gamified Learning Applications page. You will also find examples of our 3D digital models in the 3D Animations and Models page in the Edmedia Multimedia Repository. virtual-cranium 3D images produced through the scanning process or created by our Educational Applications Designer can also be elaborated to create animations, clinical simulations, or educational applications with built-in performance testing and tracking features. Using Unity3D software, our Educational Applications Developer can transform an anatomical structure, didactic lesson or simple drill and practice exercise in to an engaging and powerful learning tool. To request assistance, please fill out the Web Change request form.