online-test-iconOnline assessment is a fundamental part of the teaching-learning process at WesternU. Test may be administered synchronously, where students complete the exam at the same time in the classroom setting, or asynchronously, where students take the exam at a time and place of their own choosing, usually within a pre-established time frame. Technologies for online testing currently include Blackboard and ExamSoft. With its ability to track ongoing student progress with respect to critical program competencies, ExamSoft has in fact become the campus standard for summative assessment. In addition, clinical assessment and course evaluation tools such as E*Value and CoursEval are used by many of our colleges.

ExamSoft’s Rubrics Feature

ExamSoft’s release of it’s highly anticipated Rubrics feature is slated for April 11, 2014. The Rubrics feature provides ExamSoft users with the ability to create objective frameworks to evaluate subjective assignments and assessments. Uniting the two …

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Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

Strategies for Successful Online Testing in Blackboard

While our managed host environment is technically capable of processing up to 1500 concurrent users, technical issues can sometime arise with specific computer systems. The following guidelines will help to increase the likelihood of a successful synch …

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Features & Products

Blackboard’s Self and Peer Assessment Tools

Blackboard’s Self and Peer Assessment tools allow an Instructor to create an exercise with a list of questions and grading criteria that students can use to assess their own work or the work of their peers. Once students submit their work, the Instruct …

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Ideas & Innovations

iPads Provide Dental Students with Fast, Formative Feedback on Clinical Performance

Last week, a new piece of equipment was introduced for the Panoramic Imaging exercise DMD students were expected to complete in The Dental Center. This particular piece of equipment was not a sophisticated CT scanner or other hi-tech imaging device, bu …

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