videoconference-iconWesternU colleges have been experimenting with videoconferencing for some time, often using it to facilitate access to special presentations.  With the launching of the Lebanon, Oregon campus in 2011, however, the need for live 2-way videoconferencing from the classroom or the desktop dramatically increased.  WesternU currently offers several video conferencing solutions, including technologies such as Lync, Zoom, and Haivision, which provide live, 2-way video/audio communication for interactive meetings, lectures and discussions hosted from the classroom or desktop.  

Zoom Quickly Becoming Campus Standard for Live 2-Way Videoconferencing

Following the acquisition of an enterprise level license on July 1 this year, campus-wide adoption of Zoom as convenient tool for live two-way videoconferencing has, well, zoomed.  The cloud-based video conferencing and group collaboration tool offers …

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Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

Zoom Provides Solution for Instructors’ Worst-Case Scenarios

You’re preparing for a lecture in Lecture Hall 1. Suddenly a podium malfunction takes Haivision down and the projectors offline. And because Echo360 wasn’t scheduled, you can’t even record your lecture for viewing later.   Class starts in 10 minut …

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Features & Products

Creating Virtual Meetings with Zoom

Over the last two years, the popularity of Zoom for high quality videoconferencing has been steadily rising in the WesternU community, and it has gained even more attention since an enterprise license was secured for the application in July. Currently …

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Ideas & Innovations

Interactive Lessons Introduce COMP Students to ECG Measurement and Interpretation

In 2016 a series of interactive lessons developed in Articulate was made available to first year DO students to help them master the skills of electrocardiogram management and interpretation. The lessons were originally commissioned in 2015 by Cheri Si …

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