Web Design ServicesThe Web Design team works with representatives in each college and office (Web Content Administrators) to maintain the university Web site and build new pages when needed. Services provided by the Web Design team include:
  • University Website Layout & Design
  • Web Content Admin Training & Support
  • Content Management System Administration
  • Website Multimedia Distribution
  • Specialty Website Design & Development
  • Mobile Web Services Administration
  • Web Accessibility Standards Compliance

Requesting Web Changes

Each college, department, and office is responsible for maintaining the content of their own Web pages on the public Internet or university Intranet. Website Content Administrators have been selected, trained and given the authority to make these changes for you. Since these individuals are familiar with the day-to-day operation of your area, they are more familiar with your Web pages and the kinds of changes that need to be made on a routine basis. If you need to make changes to the content of an existing Web page, see your designated Web Content Administrator. Note: While Website Content Administrators are authorized to make changes to the content of most Web pages, they are not able to add or delete pages. Nor can they make changes to the overall layout and navigation of the page, college or departmental entry pages, or the WesternU home page. To make these kinds of changes, you or your Website Content Administrator must submit a request using the online Web Change Request form.

Turnaround for Web Changes

The time it takes to implement Website changes depends on the scope of the changes requested and the availability of the Website Content Administrator. We will be uploading changes from the staging server (the server where the changes are initially made) to the production server (the server that delivers the pages to your desktop) on a daily basis. This means that any changes made to a web page will be implemented 24 hours after they have been entered into the system.

Previewing Website Changes

To make sure the changes have been entered correctly, you should proofread the changes before they are sent to the production server. Ask your Website Content Administrator to alert you when the changes have been entered so you can review them before implementation.

Website Feedback

University faculty, staff and students are encouraged to comment on the university Website using the online Feedback form located at the bottom of each page on our site.

Special Purpose Web Sites

ITDL also builds and supports special purpose Web sites that are created outside of the university Web page directory structure. These include Commencement, the WesternU Photo Store, the Policies & Procedures site, and various continuing education and program recruitment sites. For more information, contact Ann Amsler at (909) 469-5617 or aamsler@westernu.edu.

Resources for Web Content Administrators